Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini E10i Unlocked Smartphone with 5 MP Camera, Android OS, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth–International Version with Warranty (Black/Red)

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson Mobile
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List Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $172.99
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Product Description

Xperia X10 mini E10i offers an open and intuitive communication entertainment experience and build on the human curvature design philosophy debuted by the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Combining the Android platform with signature applications and a customisable UX platform, communication truly becomes entertainment with these new mobile phones. To enhance the experience, pick and choose from a multitude of applications at Android Market and co-create a mobile phone experience that is entirely unique. Users can go one step further and customise the home screen’s four corners and widgets to access the most needed applications for limitless possibilities.

Product Details

  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA 900/2100
  • Screen: 2.55 inches, 240 x 320 pixels, TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, Scratch-resistant surface, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Timescape UI
  • Camera: 5 MP, 2560х1920 pixels, autofocus, LED flash. Video: VGA@30fps, video light
  • Platform: Android OS 1.6. CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz. Internal Memory: 128MB. External Memory: microSD, up to 16GB
  • MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV player, MP3/eAAC+/WMA/WAV player, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Document viewer, TrackID music recognition, GPS with A-GPS support, Stereo FM radio with RDS, MMS, Email, Push email


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